Press Quotes

"The fugue’s finger-twisting, chromatic complexities held no terrors for Mr. Giesbrecht. Even the most difficult passages were dispatched with floods of tone and organ-like sonority. Played with stunning bravura and seemingly unlimited virtuosity, it was the most interesting performance I have ever heard of the work."
Epoch Times, New York

"Simply Incredible ! You must have heard him !"
Russe, City-Newspaper, Bulgaria

"His reputation as an exceptional pianist precedes Robin Giesbrecht in all of Germany."
Markt Lippe, Germany

"[...] Robin Giesbrecht, who is playing mainly romantic works by Brahms and Chopin - often heard and destroyed, Giesbrecht; however, revives these astonishing pieces. The young talent forgoes, for example, all the effects in Chopin and lets the audience appreciate those pieces again.Surely his technical skills are impressive, but what makes him excellent are the calm passages; full with emotion and sentiment leads Giesbrecht every fine nuance and lets the music in this way unfold in its natural beauty."
Rhein Newspaper, Germany

"Robin Giesbrecht challenged his Wunderkind-status with Franz Liszt. The nimbleness at the keys, the emphatic strength and the sovereignty of painting the music brings him very close to his great idol."
Cologne City-News, Germany

"The highlight was, once again, the 15-years old Robin Giesbrecht, who swept away the Liszt Tarantella with an amazing vigor."
Saarbrücken Newspaper, Germany

"Robin Giesbrecht, who impresses with stage presence and musical sovereignty, is a fighter at the keys, who combines energy and strength, but is at the same time self-controlled and disciplined. He painted thrilling paintings with his interpretation of Franz Liszt's "Venezia e Napoli"."
RP Leverkusen, Germany

"An astonishing young man, who we wish to continue developing his enormous talent."
Drehpunktkultur, Austria

"When Robin Giesbrecht started playing the Rhapsody in g minor op. 79 by Brahms, there was almost spontaneous applause in the middle of the piece."
Harz Kurier, Germany

"The young Giesbrecht plays as if it wouldn't take any effort, no endless training, to play the fast passages, the beautiful sounding trills, the touching expression that fills eyes with tears in the calm themes of the Polonaise in g sharp minor by Chopin."
International Music Festival Bodensee, Germany